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Vencru is available on Desktop (Web), and Mobile (Android, iOS). You can access your Vencru account from all three platforms. The desktop platform has more features and is updated weekly. The mobile apps are great for managing your business on the go. 

You can also invite your team members to manage your business easier with Vencru. Learn more about team members here


Desktop platform (web)

Login here


How to setup your account

When you sign up for Vencru, you’ll be put on a 30 day trial so you can try out all of our features. To sign up, use the below steps:

With Web App

  1. Go to the sign up page here
  2. Enter an email address, preferably a business email address
  3. Next, add a password (minimum of 8 characters or more)
  4. Click on get started and you will be asked a few questions about your business before you can start exploring your account

With Apple or Android

  1. Download the Vencru app from Playstore or App store
  2. Click on Sign up on the app if you are a new user
  3. Enter an email address
  4. Enter a password (minimum of 8 characters or more)
  5. If you are an existing user, go straight to click on Login and enter your email and password
  6. Create you business card by filling in the information displayed on the page that pops up as soon as you sign up for the first time
  7. After setting up your business account, proceed to fill in the details of your industry as well as your business
  8. After setting up your business profile, then proceed to add your products or service

Yipee!!! You’re good to go. You can now go ahead and generate invoices and receipt and send to your customers

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