How to save an invoice

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You can save your invoice on the Mobile and Desktop 

On web:

After successfully creating an invoice, you can save your invoice or record as an unpaid invoice by following the steps below:

  • At the top right corner of your screen, click on Save
  • There are two options to choose “Save as Draft” and “Save as Invoice”
    • Select “Save as Draft” if you are not ready to issue the invoice yet. Draft invoices will be included in your sales accounting
    • Select “Save as Invoice” if you want to formally issue the invoice but not send as an email

On mobile:

You can save it as a draft by following the steps below;

  • Click on the Send button by the top right side of your screen
  • A drop down menu containing three options will appear (Send via Email, Send via Whatsapp or Save as Draft)
  • Click Save as Draft and your invoice will be saved
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