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In the create invoice section, you can customize your new Invoice by:

  • Changing invoice template
  • Selecting Issue Date and Due Date
  • Adding Client Details
  • Adding Company details (e.g., Logo)
  • Adding Products or services
  • Adding Bank Account Details
  • Adding Notes and Terms of Services

Changing Invoice template

There are three templates styles available on Vencru: Simple, Bold, and Modern. 

simple invoicing template style
Simple Invoice Template
modern invoicing template style
Modern Invoice Template
bold invoicing template style
Bold Invoice Template

Client details

You can add your client’s name, email address, company information, and shipping address. 

Billed To: To select the client that made the order,

  • Click on Billed To – a list of all available clients will be displayed
  • Click Add Client to add a new client or choose an existing Client
  • Once a Client is selected, it automatically appears on the ‘Billed To’ area of the invoice. You can also ‘Change Client’ if there’s an error in the one you chose before.

Date of Issue 

The date of issue is automatically selected as the date the invoice is created. You can also modify the date

Due Date

This is the final date that a particular Invoice should be completely paid. You can click on it and choose a Custom date from the calendar. 

Invoice Number

Invoice number helps keep track of sales, debtors, and payments. The default number for your first Invoice is set to 0000001. When you create a new invoice, note that:

  • Numbers are Unique – The same invoice number cannot be used twice (regardless of whether the invoice is canceled or deleted)
  • Numbers Increment +1 – The invoice number you set will automatically increase by +1 based on the last invoice created
  • If the invoice number reaches the limit of its increment, an extra character is added at the end so it can continue (e.g., the last created Invoice is #9999, this will increase to #10000 on your next Invoice)
  • If you want to avoid extra characters being added, include leading zeros to accommodate increments (e.g., #0009999 instead of just #9999)

Items, Services, and Taxes

To enter the bills of your Clients for your goods and services, click on the Add New Line button.

Add an existing Item or Service:

To add to the list of the items on the invoice, you can either choose from the existing items or create a new item.

  • Choose from your list by clicking on ‘Add New Line’ 
  • A popup screen containing the items on your stock will open with Search Items space on top.
  • Here, you can search for the Existing Item you will like to bill
  • Or create a new item by clicking on the Add Item button at the top right corner.
  • Then fill out the blank fields for Item Number, Barcode Number (optional), Product Name, Product Description, sales price etc. 

Subtotal and Total Amount

Subtotal is automatically calculated based on the Number of Items sold and the price of each item. However, you can modify the Total Amount by adding a discount or tax. 

Add Taxes/Discounts 

 Once items are added, 

  • Click on the Tax box below to fill in the percentage tax on the items ordered.
  • For discounts, click on ‘Add Discount’ and input the exact amount of discount that is applicable.

Note that Tax increases the total amount that will be paid while Discount reduces it.

Notes and Terms

  • Notes are unique to each Invoice. Notes and Terms are useful for any comments, details, and temporary information applicable to this specific Client only. 
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