Can I import my products and services?

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You can import your products and services to your Vencru account. See below how to import a list of your products and services from Excel or Google Sheets to Vencru.

Importing a spreadsheet of your products and services into Vencru can save you time. We’ll show you how to format your spreadsheet in Excel or Google Sheets and import it directly into Vencru.

Format your spreadsheet

You can create a spreadsheet of your products and services in Excel or Google Sheets. Our sample file shows you how to format your spreadsheet so it imports correctly. Here’s how to download the sample template and formatting tips:

  1. Sign in to Vencru
  2. Select Inventory from the Menu Bar. Then select Add New Item
  3. Select Import CSV
  4. Select Download template and open the file.

Formatting tips:

  • Stock Number/Item Number: Can be character and numbers
  • Product/Service Name: 100 character limit. Avoid special characters. 
  • Product/Service Description: Avoid special characters
  • Unit Price: Same a Selling Price. Should be per quantity
  • Cost of Item: Optional. Used to record how much each product cost you to manufacture or buy
  • Quantity in Stock: How many quantities remain or are available as of today
  • Barcode: Optional
  • Units: Optional
  • Expire date: Optional
  • Size: Optional
  • Color: Optional

Import your products and services

Now that you’ve made a spreadsheet with your products and services in Excel or Google Sheets, you’re ready to import them to Vencru. Keep in mind that once you import a list, it can’t be undone. And you can only import 1,000 rows at a time. If your list is longer than that, split it up into multiple, smaller files.

To import your file, send the completed template to hello@vencru.com 

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