Pro forma Invoice Template

The export invoice is an umbrella word that comprises exporting forms like the commercial invoice template and the pro forma invoice template. This document carries information on the buyer and seller, a description of the items, value, and the terms of sale.

A pro forma invoice template is a document issued to clients in advance of goods shipped requesting payment for products or services before the product is delivered or the service rendered.

There is an understanding between a buyer and seller that the pro forma invoice is subject to changes until the buyer/client confirms. Then it becomes a legally binding agreement.

Frequent businesses/companies that make us of a pro forma invoice are as follows:

  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Contractors
  • Freelance

Benefits of using our Pro forma invoice

Some benefits of using our pro forma invoice templates are as follows:

  • Parties involved in the transaction are pre-informed on the cost of the project.
  • It saves time and keeps an order understanding and transparency of the transaction.
  • Clients are well-informed on the amount and work/project to be done, even before the completion and payment.

The customs officials responsible for controlling foreign trade require this unique document. They aid them in deciding what taxes, tariffs, or duties apply to the goods shipped in or out of the country.

Important information found on the export commercial invoice document:

  • Contact information and address of both the buyer and seller.
  • Description of goods and countries of both foreign traders.
  • The harmonized tariff classification number.
  • The value and purpose of exporting.
  • Unit price/settlement and payment terms in the currency of payment.
  • Net/gross weight of goods.
  • Purchase order/reference number.
  • License information.
  • Taxes, freight charges, insurance, and other charges.
  • Signature and exact date of signing the document.

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