Streamline your inventory management and stocktaking

Vencru helps you ensure you've the right balance of stock on your shelves: don't have too much capital tied up in inventory, while ensuring you've enough on hand for customers

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Benefits of Vencru for inventory management

Maintain enough stock

Maintain enough stock

Always know what to restock by keeping tabs on stock value and quantity. Vencru ensures that you never go low on stock or let customers walk out empty-handed

Prevent product wastage

Prevent product wastage

Never hold products till they expire by staying on top of your product status on a daily basis. Our simple inventory count system guides you on what to sell and when

Manage your capital

Manage your capital

Avoid tying up money by keep too high stock levels. With the help of past records you can plan and forecast your stock. Thus preventing overstocking

Vencru is your free inventory management and accounting software

Track inventory levels

Barcode scanner to make stocktaking faster

Know your best selling product

Prevent products from expiring

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Free inventory management app for small business

Vencru is your consultant, bookkeeper, and business manager

Vencru reduces the challenges of running a business. The business management app automatically tracks your sales, expenses, profits, and inventory. Thus you can manage your business stress-free 


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Ready to manage your ineventory? Get the free invoice maker app

Your free inventory manager will allow you manage your stock in real time. It is available across all your devices (Web, Android, and iPhone)

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